This post originally appeared on the JadoPado Blog and has been re-produced here to preserve the JadoPado historical record.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we have raised $1 billion from cornerstone investors in the region, including a who’s who of sovereign wealth funds to build the world’s newest largest mall. Located next to Dubai’s imminent Expo 2020 site, the JadoPado Mall will be home to revolutionary new features that will transform the world’s shopping experience.

“This move is crucial in our long-term growth strategy and outflanks a well-known mall operator's attempts to buy our closest competitor”, says Omar Kassim, founder and CEO of JadoPado. “We are taking the next quantum leap by making JadoPado Mall the world's newest largest mall”.

With a structure spanning over 26 million square feet, the mall will house over 4750 stores featuring some of the biggest and best brands across the globe. Visitors will enjoy unparalleled dining options, including exclusive gourmet food experiences, multiple multi-storey food courts and the world’s largest food truck park.

The JadoPado Mall is a revolutionary idea that will for the very first time truly mesh digital and physical in a triumphant coming together of e-commerce and traditional shopping experiences. “We’re conceptualising and building new technology including an exclusive RCFC (really close field communication) app that will provide shoppers with access, seamless browsing and a stunning payments experience at the JadoPado Mall”, said Mr Kassim. “In our beta, the mall will be accessible only to Apple iPhone and Apple Watch users with Android and Android Wear access rolling out in the near future”.

The JadoPado Mall will be a visa-free, free zone, and will be integrated into the world’s soon-to-be largest airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, to provide travellers direct access to the mall without the need to enter the city of Dubai. With key learnings from the aviation industry, JadoPado is also developing the world’s first conveyor system to pioneer the concept of store to boot. “We’re really excited about this”, commented Mr Kassim. “No more bags or inexcusably designed shopping trolleys. Your purchases will go from store straight to your boot. The exemplary baggage handling and sorting systems at Dubai Airports have been a major influence in our strategy”.

In keeping with the luxury shopping sector of the Middle East, the JadoPado Mall’s VVVIP service has partnered with a leading electric automotive manufacturer to offer shoppers a fully integrated self-driving, driver-less experience to the mall and back. “Forget the traditional taxi-rank. Our autonomous fleet of self-driving cars will change how you shop, travel and dine in the near future”, stated Mr. Kassim.

The JadoPado Mall is coming soon, and is expected to launch on time in January 2020.

Updated 3rd April 2017: Happy April Fool’s Day!