This post originally appeared on the JadoPado Blog and has been re-produced here to preserve the JadoPado historical record.

Over the last six months, we’ve handled 6374 orders within the UAE of which 651 have come from our mobile site. That’s the equivalent of 10.21% of all UAE orders.

We started shipping globally back in March, and while it remains a small portion of our total order volume, around 4.5% of International orders have come from our mobile site. That’s less than half of what we’ve seen in the UAE.

Since we love looking at payment statistics, it’s interesting to note that while 57% of transactions on the standard JadoPado site came from cards, this slipped to 42% when it came to transactions from the mobile site. This possibly points to the difficulty in typing in a credit card number (even though we tokenise all previously used cards) on a smaller screen, and indicates that we need stronger local mobile payment options.

I think our numbers may be a fair proxy for mobile e-commerce usage within the UAE.

The numbers for mobile e-commerce are small, but growing fast. Build a mobile site first, test, optimise and then build great cross platform apps.

A few caveats about our data:

  1. It’s possible for a mobile device to switch back to our main site. Our data excludes this possibility
  2. We don’t present our mobile site by default when JadoPado is accessed from a tablet.